Sunday, January 28, 2007

India Shining

This time as I boarded a flight, I inevitably had the same nagging thoughts of whether we will ever be able to go back to our country of origin, and what kind of a lifestyle we would be able to lead there. I don’t think I have the answers yet; but I did see some very bright and shining examples of how India is changing, and how globalization has affected its step children.

“Bani”, a very talented help and executer of all ideas to my mom in her jewelry business, recently took her 12th standard exams again. She wants to do a fashion design course, and design haute fashion. When my mom suggested that she instead could do jewelry designing, her answer was “lekin woh toh mujhe aata hain” (I already do that). I so admire her guts and determination. Her younger sister and brother (who was pretty much a loser who squandered his sisters’ salaries) are both now employed at a Hindi call-center. Perhaps the biggest confidence booster is that they’ve moved a huge step up – they’re now “office-goers”, not just house helps.

Till recently, these people had absolutely no way to break out of the only life they knew. Now, there’s so much to look forward to. They’re going to take English speaking lessons so as to get into an English speaking call center (which pay much better).

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