Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The movie has just released in India and it's enjoying full houses at least in Bombay. This movie brings to life certain aspects about the culture that were so prevalent earlier and have defined many of us and our brains in more ways than one.

Beautiful characters, smooth screenplay and some great acting ensure that this movie lives up to the expectations (after having read the book) Also this movie is good from the sense that it portrays the Indianness and the feeling of alienation in a sense that's actual and also comforting in a way.

I especially loved the way each and every detail is brought to life from the book and how the editing is done, this movie is amazing not because it conveys exactly what the book did, but because it achieved the same or maybe more emotions, story and the everything in much lesser time and in a pleasing manner. There wasn't one scene that was extra in the whole movie and the whole essence of the book was well captured!

Usually i'm all for books but this time i have to admit that the movie is almost as good as the book. Obviously the book gives you more lee-way to imagine but then the movie does give a vivid and unexpected picture. the actors being mature and without pre-conceived notions help to the extent that they are able to gel in with the characters.

all in all, it's a good movie to watch and think about.. :)


Radha said...

I saw the movie in the dubai film festival & Cal Penn was there for the Q&A; I thought he was quite cute! :)
Really liked Tabu in the movie (loved the scene with cereals+farsaan for breakfast!).
PS: do they show the nude scene in india??

~ a said...

i loved the scene when they're walking to the airport in new york and they should that image on the wall which when viewed from angles changes.. i dnt remember what it's called.. :) i really liked tht piece of photography, and that glass on their door, reflecting one.. some good shots, my most vivid one however is the one in which amidst all the green trees they show this flaming red one! :)

yeah they showed the nude scene here too.. didn't look like it's cut or anything, :) but you never know.. not that much of an uproar in the media about it.. people are getting used to it now i guess, besides it's an english movie so no one's complaining.. :)

StandbyMind said...

havent seen....will see...will read..thanx!

Moi said...

Mira Nair more often than not comes up with crisp direction ...i enjoyed the movie thoroughly. Tabu as wlays was great but I was really surprised by Irfan Khan's Bengali accent in the movie...I am married to a Bengali..and since I do not speak Bengali , I know how tough it is to adopt that peculiar accent ....He does it fact Tabu falters but he does not.....

My fav. scene has to be that flashback scene when to go to ee the ebach and while mother stays behind with the baby, Irfan takes Gogol forgets to take the camera with him and begs his child to remember the scene without the photograph......Gogol asks ,"for how long am i supposed to remember it"......:) and he does, doesn't he ...long after his father is gone...

its a lovely movie.....:)

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