Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kala Ghoda Festival!

Last year I'd written about my experience of the festival, and today as I went for this festival, there're host of other things that I've explored! I went to see the festival and the nearby places, with a friend of mine, and the glimpses of our visit are here!

A few shots of what caught my eye, and some amazing work done by the artists. As I walked down the road towards Colaba, we saw a couple of artists painting a building, sitting on the sidewalk, just to watch them paint like that was exhilirating to say the least! Then we walked towards the festival and saw these artists painting on canvases, I've managed to grab a few shots of the paintings that he'd just done and I think they're amazing!

The festival itself was full of people, food stalls, artefacts, ranging from furniture, to showpieces, chappals, bags, books, greeting cards, and the likes. There were a lot of NGOs who'd set up stalls to generate awareness as also to publicise their range of products, the proceeds of which would help them in their efforts.

A couple of performances were taking places, however, unlike last time, where I'd seen Sandip Soparrkar perform with his troupe, this time, I didn't manage to see any such performance!

Well, maybe, I'll go there again, sometime this week!

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